The18th ME FEB UGM

Join The 18th Management’s Events, an annual project organized by Management Students of FEB UGM, featuring 3 exciting sub-projects:


IDEAS | Business Plan Competition

Engage in the National Business Plan Competition and enrich your skills with Business Proposal Webinar, Mentoring, Social Project, and Summit. Win a total prize of IDR 25 mio.

Register the Business Proposal Webinar with GOKS! promo code for a chance to win LINE merchandise!


GMBCC | Business Case Competition

Compete in the Business Case Competition for a chance to win up to USD 2,000! Enjoy additional events like Global Seminar, Masterclass x LINE ID, Bootcamp, and Mentoring.

Use GOKS! promo code for a 15% registration fee discount and a chance to win LINE merchandise!

EXPOSURE | Thematic Curated Market

Explore the thematically curated market in Yogyakarta, supporting local creators and businesses.

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